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About the resource

Learning English?

Making the same mistakes over and over again? Want to find out the weak spots in your English writing skills? Maybe preparing for a difficult exam like IELTS? Want to make sure that the recent efforts in improving your English have not been in vain?
Then our site might be useful for you.
The idea is to gather English tests on all subjects in a single place. You need a test on complex sentences? BOOM! You have it.
How can you make use of grammarerror.com?
Not sure why your answer is marked as wrong? You can always look up the correct answer with the explanation. By the way, you can do any of these using your smartphone on the way to work or study - the design of our website is responsive.

Teaching English?

Interested in connecting with active English learners?
Here is how we can be useful for you.
  • Sign up and fill the profile.
  • This is an opportunity to tell a unique audience about yourself for free. You can promote your other resources there.
  • Help students on the forum or create a challenge. Any challenge you author will show your banner when displaying results to the user. Any piece of information you contribute is going to show your name with a link to your profile.
More about contributing content...
  • We expect the site's audience to gradually reach hundreds of thousands of users. Content, once authored, continues to promote you passively not requiring an ongoing effort. Our team has experience creating resources of such size.
  • There will be more options in the future, but at the moment you can contribute by preparing a challenge or taking part in forum discussions. We are still developing content authoring UIs, which is both good and bad. The bad thing is that you cannot create a challenge by yourself, but the good thing is that you can prepare it in any reasonble format and send it to support@kindrobots.com, we will convert it to our format and enter it.
  • We require only a non-exclusive license, e.g., you can use with us the same content that is already on your site. Your credenitals with a link to your profile will be present in all questions of all challenges.
  • If you wonder what banner will look like, it is going to be whatever you send us. Depending on user's sreen size it will be displayed from 300px to 728px wide and 90px high. You can use one link to your web resource in the banner. On a mobile device it will look roughly like this.
    This challenge is by the Grammar Error team. Your challenge could contain your banner
    Contact us via email for more details.

Q & A

Q: Once again, please explain what the site can do.
A: We think of our site as of a place with tests on all English language topics. Ideally, users would easily find the tests they need to check if they have mastered a topic here. The forum would help with the remaining problems.
Q: Is it all? Not much.
A: Well, we don’t have multimillion-dollar budgets, and we continue to work on new features. You can take part in the discussion of prospective features or offer your own here.
These are the examples of what we are planning to implement.
  • "Diagnostic mode". Our algorithm picks questions on the go based on what the user has already answered. The result would be a report highlighting his strong points and problem areas.
  • Challenge subscription or questions by tag with email notification. The user would pick tags for subjects he is interested in and then receive periodic digests with new exercises on tags he has subscribed to.
  • Many others, we discuss promising features on the forum.
Interested? Create an account right now and subscribe to email notifications about new product features. It doesn't hurt and is free.
Q: How are you making money?
A: Well, currently we aren't, we are investing our time and money instead. We are hoping to reach profitability earning on ads, at some point.
Q: Evil corporations collect your users' personal data, how can you support this?
A: Frankly, we don't think that companies knowing that someone is taking higly advanced language tests hurts much. What we definitely would not want to do is to somehow limit our users' access to information useful to them. In the sense we are different from similar services that require paid subscription to access all content. We might consider the option of completely disabling advertising for a small monthly fee in the future, this would be the more private option. We have our operating costs.
Q: About contributing. You'll use our materials not investing a cent in them, then you'll lure our clients away, right?
A: Would we put your materials to use? Yes, for your and our profit. Would we hunt you clients? Absolutely not. You see, teaching English is a tedious business which is not ours. Our business is software development. What we really want to do is to create a platform for English learners to study English better, and for English educators to let the world know about them. In the process, we hope to make some money on advertising. This is a win-win-win!
Q: How to help the project?
A: One of the following will do.
  • The best option is to create a challenge or actively participate in the community. This will both help us and make our site more useful for others.
  • Another great way to help is to tell us on the forum how you could use the resource and what features you personally miss. We very well might implement them to your and others' pleasure!
  • We will be happy if you mention us in social media, and, even more so, if you link us on a blog or an English language forum. This will bring even more users who will hopefully benefit from the site and will help the other users.
There are non-profits that pay hefty salaries and there are for-profit organizations that exist due to their founders spending time and money. We are the latter. The more people use the website, the more of them benefit from it, the faster we'll be able to leave our "day jobs". Needless to say, once this happens, we will be able improve it much faster.
Q: The portal is boring as hell, do you ever joke?
A: Yes, yes, yes! We like good humor, and also bad humor and dank memes. The portal is boring as hell because we have lots of techy stuff to do, and also because we are as boring as our portal. Anyway, if someone drops a good joke on the forum, we aren't going to arrest him.
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