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About our Forum


Why do we need forum at all in the first place?
The idea of our site is to provide a useful and convenient service available for everyone. On the way to this goal, we need to... find answers to a number of challenges.
Website should:
  • be practical, enabling user to achieve something valuable for them;
  • provide convenient UX / be comfortable to use;
  • allow users to communicate with each other.

Supporting Dialogue With Users is Important for Us

Is everything fine with, say, a challenge? Maybe there are errors, maybe it misses something important? Maybe someone would rather see something slightly different? How can you know such things? Correct, by asking.
Sure, I made a bunch of grammar errors right in this very text or the vocabulary was a bit off. If you noticed something along these lines, please, do let me know in a comment - together we will weed them all out. What does this article lack, what you would like to see on the forum? Tell us in a comment under the article.
Additionally, we expect that the most content is going to be authored by other users, and they also might need feedback!

Reporting Errors, Helping Us to Choose Direction and Getting Support

Everything consisting of more than one piece eventually breaks. Our site is by no means an exception. Something apparently went wrong? Do let us know about that here, we'll fix that. Maybe something seems to work as designed, but using it is simply impossible. I'm not exactly comfortable admitting that but perhaps I don't even have an idea about that. Tell us what’s wrong, why, how you would like things to work here.
Want a feature to be available as a service? There is a chance that we are already planning implementing it! Didn't find what you want? Then describe it, we'll discuss it, and possibly implement it.
You feel like you read everything relevant, but it’s still not clear how the site works or how to perform a particular action?
Write about it, you will help not only yourself, but others as well. It is important for us to understand what causes difficulties for users. We will be happy to help you, other users will be able to find a solution for the same problem, maybe we will also be able to solve the problem completely.


That's simple: we are looking forward into catering new interesting content and platform capabilities. As they become available, we plan to publish them in the News section.

A Place for Communication

Amazing things happen when people share their knowledge. I noticed that even what's discussed is good enough, real diamonds still emerge in the comments. That's why we want users to have the opportunity to communicate. On language forums you can meet people with a wide variety of backgrounds: from students looking for answers to language professionals. Teachers, translators, sometimes even writers and linguists share their knowledge.
Those who are preparing for the same exam, for example, IELTS can find like-minded people in the same situation and figure out the details and discuss their approaches.
Using language skills in a relaxing atmosphere is a great idea. Practice makes perfect. As a bonus, chances are that other users will point out your problems and areas to focus on. This brings us to the next point.
Last but not least, learning a language, especially a foreign one, is not an easy task. Self-doubt, fear of making mistakes, fear or looking stupid - all these things don't make starting communication easier. For this reason, I believe that maintaining friendly, easy-going and accepting atmosphere is a top priority for us. For instance, I am not an English native speaker at all but don't hesitate to write lengthy texts and even maintain an odd section with Russian jokes on the forum.
Fair enough, forcing some strained tone is too much, but we here are trying to make everyone feel relaxed and at home, so understanding is greatly appreciated. Basically, you can think of our forum as a hobby club or a pub.

In Other Words

We are willing to take part in constant dialogue with our users to let them know what's new, and also figure out their needs and what problems our site has. Apart from this, we want to provide our users with a place for easy and productive communication and knowledge sharing. Our goal is to keep the community lively and useful. Join it right now and help the vision come true!
Feel free to share this article keeping a link to this page.
License: CC BY-SA 3.0.